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Brazen Design

Redesigned the website of a Montreal based jeweller in order to have a stronger focus on branding and accessibilty. The hover image galleries that showcase the jewellery are built in pure CSS. The site is built to standard in XHTML transitional, CSS and includes dublin core metadata.

Marginal screenshot

the Marginal Vol. 16, Iss. 1.

Designed and maintained e-zine published by the McGill Library & Information Studies Student Association (MLISSA). Built to standard with XHTML strict, pure CSS and includes dublin core metadata.

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Voices of the Main screenshot

Voices of the Main : a multimedia exhibition

Created a multimedia exhibition based on a Parks Canada essay on the history of St. Laurent for a course in Multimedia Systems. Included a promotional poster, three short movies, voice over tracks, music and slideshows.

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Selected papers

Schellenberg and the digital archive: Could Flickr be the new archive?

ABSTRACT: The digital era has not only given us new types of media and record formats but has increased the amount of records being produced. Along with this increase there has been a shift in how and who is preserving and creating them. With these new practices do archives need to reformulate their theory? Looking at Flickr and September 11th Digital archives I argue that the communal and the personal play important roles in understanding the new roles and responsibilities for future archives.

Written for a course in Archival Principles & Practice

User-generated metadata

For some time there has been awareness that existing models of information organization needed revision and development to cope with the influx both born digital and multimedia information on the Internet. Out of the Internet has developed a new form of organization using user-generated metadata, dubbed folksonomies or social tagging. This paper looks at user-generated metadata and some of the conversations it has sparked in the Library and Information Science community. Secondly I will look at the project and show how they are addressing user-generated metadata to improve online access to digital collections and how their study could address some of the issues in the literature.

Written for a course in Metadata & Access

Indexing reality: Preservation strategies for Data Art

ABSTRACT: Behind the phenomenon of modern digital information overload is the data itself. Before it has been processed and analysed into digestible information, binary data floats around and makes up the backbone of our world. In this context of data over-saturation, it is not surprising that new media artists have started to turn to data as both object and material for creative expression. As with many new media arts, data art or data visualization presents unique challenges to a community wanting to preserve it. This paper looks at these issues of preservation and highlights existing preservation strategies used in new media art to that could deal with these challenges.

Written for a course in Documentation and conservation of the media arts heritage by DOCAM

Research Proposal: The Effects of Digital Archival Exhibits on Visitation

ABSTRACT: Digital archival exhibitions are fast becoming a new way to showcase and promote archival collections but little research has been done to show if these increase access and visitation to physcial archival collection. The absence of field research on this topic provided the impetus for our proposale to conduct surveys of on-site and online visitors to archival exhibits to assess their reasons for exploring archival exhibits and the possible influence a virtual exhibit has on their intended visit at an archival repository. The research proposed in this report promises to assist archives in developing future virtual exhibits in the hopes of attracting more users, both online and in person.

Contibuted to literature review and methods section of a group paper. Written for a course in Research Principles and Analysis

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